Refiguring Relations
Refiguring Relations is an inquiry into interdependence. Through essays, interviews, and design projects, my graduate thesis assembles experiments and methodologies around reciprocal engagement between designer and collaborators, designer and participants, and among participants themselves. Read the full book online.
Master’s thesis, writing, research, book design

Daphne Hsu is a Brooklyn-based independent graphic designer and educator. She works collaboratively with artists, writers, arts & culture institutions, and socially-driven organizations on visual identity systems, publications, websites, exhibitions, and campaigns.  

She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and B.Des from University of Washington. Previously, she held a Principal Designer role on the Creative Campaigns team at Nordstrom (resume here...). Her current projects include conceptualizing a brand refresh, helping put together the forthcoming Anti-Sweep Chinatown zine, and preparing for an information design class at Parsons.

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