Wordmark and fruit stickers
Horizontally scrolling through the site experience, which alternated between tableaus of shop products and hosting-related content

Editorial photography

Playful guides with hosting tips for how to use products in the store
Photos by Manuela Insixiengmay, set design and prop styling by Mandy Kehoe, styling by Kimberly Douglass Blatt, videos by Brad Curran, and dinner party shoot attended by Anisa, Bonnie, Jasmine, Katherine, Misty, Ryan, and me

Daphne Hsu is a Brooklyn-based freelance graphic designer specializing in work involving visual systems, like brand identities, publications, websites, exhibitions, archives, and campaigns. She enjoys working with clients and collaborators on projects that engage audience interaction and participation.

She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and B.Des from University of Washington. Previously, she held a Principal Designer role on the Creative Campaigns team at Nordstrom.


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