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Mylle specializes in design-forward, long-lasting inflatable pools. This website redesign built in Shopify leans into the idea of pools as must-have items for the home by highlighting editorial photography, emphasizing details through cut-outs, and showcasing the pools in use.

Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer
Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer is a private collaborative meeting space and publishing platform that explores consent, trust, synchronicity, and generosity on the peer-to-peer web. Created with Kit Son Lee, Will Mianecki, and Lai Xu, Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer can only be accessed if we are all present on the site at the same time. Once on the site, the peers share and publish projects, readings, and references through a chat interface that also serves as a collective site navigation.
Thesis work, website
Unlocking the site with all peers present and committing to our Code of values

Navigating the site, viewing Hypertexts (readings) and Contributions (published projects)

Daphne Hsu is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer specializing in work involving visual systems, like brand identities, publications, websites, exhibitions, archives, and campaigns. She enjoys working with clients and collaborators on projects that engage audience interaction and participation.

She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and B.Des from University of Washington. Previously, she held a Principal Designer role on the Creative Campaigns team at Nordstrom. Currently working as a freelance designer, her projects include an artist’s book and an anti-sweeps zine.

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