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Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer
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Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer is a private collaborative meeting space and publishing platform that explores consent, trust, synchronicity, and generosity on the peer-to-peer web. Created with Kit Son Lee, Will Mianecki, and Lai Xu, Peer, Peer, Peer, and Peer can only be accessed if we are all present on the site at the same time. Others can join through a ritualized invitation process. Once on the site, the peers share and publish projects, readings, and references through a chat interface that also serves as a collective site navigation.
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How to Get a Diamond
Thesis work, website, front-end development, research
What began as a lighthearted list of all the ways to obtain a diamond for free turned into a near-obsessive search, tracked through a cryptic blog. The personality behind the site, Dee Diamonds, documents all her attempts to obtain a diamond on her own terms, whether through formal requests to diamond distributors, Craigslist posts, or time spent probing divorce forums and diamond mine locations. Through layers of pop-up windows, readers follow her quest, which slowly reveals the tense relationship between societal expectations and personal desire.

Daphne Hsu is a graphic designer. She works collaboratively on projects involving visual systems, like brand identities, publications, websites, and campaigns. 

Some more facts: received an MFA in Graphic Design from RISD and B.Des in Visual Communication Design from University of Washington, taught Introduction to Graphic Design at RISD as a graduate instructor, formerly a Principal Designer at Nordstrom, made jewelry with Chloe Huber as part of Yang & Long, catalogues design school briefs, enjoys swimming and listening to Who? Weekly.

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