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Pop-In Celebrates Earth Day
Art direction
Photo art direction for an eco-conscious pop-up shop at Nordstrom. We simulated a sunny, tree-filled backyard garden in an industrial Seattle parking lot.
Photos by Manuela Insixiengmay, modeled by Madi Landram, styled by Brenna Carlson, make up by Shannon Rasheed, and set design (and tree branches picked) by Mandy Kehoe.

Pop-In Powers Up!
Art direction
Photo art direction for a tech pop-up shop at Nordstrom, in which the products live in their own colorful worlds.
Photos by Manuela Insixiengmay, set design and prop styling by Mandy Kehoe.

Daphne Hsu is a graphic designer. She works collaboratively on projects involving visual systems, like brand identities, publications, websites, and campaigns. 

Some more facts: received an MFA in Graphic Design from RISD and B.Des in Visual Communication Design from University of Washington, taught Introduction to Graphic Design at RISD as a graduate instructor, formerly a Principal Designer at Nordstrom, made jewelry with Chloe Huber as part of Yang & Long, catalogues design school briefs, enjoys swimming and listening to Who? Weekly.

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